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Five Questions to Ask a Website Design Agency or Freelancer

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

1. What are three things your client would say about working with you?

When evaluating an agency or freelancer, it's essential to know what your clients would say about their experience. Look for key indicators that align with your priorities. Consider the following points and listen for them during interviews:

  • Fast work: Delivering results efficiently

  • Quick responses: Timely communication and support

  • Direct answers that make sense: Clear and understandable explanations

  • Quality work: High standards and craftsmanship

  • Cheerful and pleasant demeanor: Positive and professional interactions

  • Expertise in your industry: Knowledge and understanding of your specific field

2. How do you handle upset or unsatisfied clients?

Understanding how an agency or freelancer deals with unhappy clients is crucial. Look for evidence that they stand behind their work and prioritize client satisfaction. Keep in mind that budget limitations should be taken into account when setting expectations. Ask about return policies and guarantees to ensure confidence in their commitment to your project. Remember, even with a limited budget, you deserve respect, attention, and functional deliverables that align with your goals.

3. What's included in your scope of work and what are your services?

Determine whether the agency or freelancer only provides website development or offers additional support and education to help grow your business. If you already have a marketing team in place, working with a freelance designer might be cost-effective. However, if you require guidance and support, opting for an agency that offers comprehensive services can be beneficial. Inquire about any additional services or talents they provide to maximize the value and potential of your collaboration. talents. Knowing this can save you time and money.

4. Engagement and Work Process - How do you work with clients?

Understanding the working process is essential for a successful partnership. Different agencies and freelancers have varied levels of client involvement. Some prefer close collaboration and regular communication, while others prefer minimal client input. Clearly express your expectations upfront, whether you desire frequent updates or prefer a hands-off approach. Aligning your communication preferences with your designer's work process ensures a smooth workflow and mutual understanding on how you want to work together.

5. Staying Up-to-Date with Technology - What do you do to keep up with Technology?

Inquire about how frequently the agency or freelancer keeps up with new technology and trends. It's important to work with adaptable professionals who stay current to leverage emerging opportunities. A proactive approach to technology can help your business adapt, expand, and optimize performance. Additionally, they should possess knowledge of website design and relevant technologies, such as differentiating between platforms like WordPress and Wix. Their ability to explain the strengths and weaknesses of various options showcases their expertise.

Remember to prioritize these questions during your selection process to ensure a successful collaboration with the right agency or freelancer for your business needs.


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