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. The Variances and covariances of residuals of the three types of ordinal items were compared. Cite Download full-text . by G Mels 2007 Cited by 1590 Assessing and reporting structural equation models. The JOURNAL of. Statistics in Education, 11, 429-456. Download full-text . by V Fonseca 2007 Cited by 56 Model fit in structural equation modeling: a cross‐cultural comparison. Journal of Research in Personality, 41, 1006-1012. Download full-text . by A Brown 2012 Cited by 591 Convergent and divergent validities of insomnia symptoms. Sleep, 25, 511-517. Download full-text . by JJ Hox 2004 Cited by 483 Goodness of fit of different graded response models. Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 49, 391-409. Download full-text . by J Hox 2004 Cited by 315 Measuring data quality in structural equation modeling. Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal, 11, 483-502. Download full-text . by D Lopez 2001 Cited by 70 The means of the covariances and correlations are equal and the variances of these quantities are equal, so that the correlation coefficient and the covariance are equal in this case. Cite Download full-text . by C Gobe 2001 Cited by 253 Simulating the effects of a scale reduction on the inferences of structural models. Unpublished doctoral dissertation. Southern Methodist University. Download full-text . by R Varadhan 2010 Cited by 58 No data can be perfect because of the measurement errors. No matter how we arrange the data or use the statistical tests, the chance of finding a significant effect is always small, and the chances of getting one significant result even from a set of small number of studies is even smaller. Cite Download full-text . by JC Tolin 2012 Cited by 300 The psychometric properties of the fatigue impact scale and the computerized fatigue inventory were evaluated in patients with Hodgkin's disease. Cite Download full-text . by JA Hanley 2014 C

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