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Navigating Through Our Website Creation Journey

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Initial Communication:

Initial communication focuses on requirement gathering. Our Business development executive contacts the client to have a better understanding of the business needs and high-level requirements. It is primarily focused around collecting preliminary data and provides a consultative session to help the client in articulating the right web-based solution to solve their business challenge.

Requirement Analysis:

Requirements collected in the first stage are analyzed by the business team and the technical team. These teams evaluate various options available for implementation and validate those with the client. During this time both teams prepare a project implementation plan with details of work breakdown structure (WBS), time and cost estimates for the project.

Approval Process:

This approval stage is very critical as the client reviews the scope, schedule, and cost before the actual web development begins. After the client’s approval of the proposal, our business development team proceeds with the contract signing and collecting initial payment. The initial payment ranges between 30%, 40% and 50% of total project cost depending on the complexity and the size of the project.


This is the first stage of development where the initial prototype design is created and sent to the client for its approval. Once the client approves the initial design then the development and coding work starts. In this phase, different millstones are defined for the development process.


This is the actual development/coding phase, after design approval. During this process, various required modules are configured/developed and are incorporated into the website.


This is the testing phase. During this phase, standard testing approaches are used to detect and fix the bugs and errors in the site and provide quality standards for our development.


This phase is the post-development phase where the site is migrated from our development server to the client’s production web server after getting the client’s approval. During this time final settlement of the remaining project cost completed. At the completion of this phase, the client’s website goes Live.


This phase deals with site maintenance. There are various choices available for support such as hourly rate, monthly rate, and yearly maintenance packages. During this phase, we provide maintenance and upgrades to the site to provide ongoing support to our clients.

Contact Us:

Email: andrew@nubizsolution.com

Phone: 240.215.6447

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